Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Pattie, Peas and Chips

When you know you’re Back in Hull

When you see the Humber Bridge
You know City isn’t far away
And in a few minutes you reach
The end of the line at Paragon Station;
You know you’re back in Hull!

The aromas of Hull are unique
Just like the cream telephone boxes,
And if you hear ‘err and nerr’ accent
And someone asking for a bread cake
You know you’re back in Hull!

We’ve got the Hull Daily Mail
And there’s Peter Levy on the box,
You can get a cheap pint as well
And on the way home have pattie and chips
You know then that you’re back in Hull!


Dead Bod

I suppose there are dead bods and dead bods
But none like the one by the banks of the Humber,
Is it just a weird mural painted by a couple of drunken sods?
Who had nowt better to do rather than slumber!
What an icon to behold for all who sail by,
He just lays there on his back and says nowt
Dead Bod never flutters or turns a blind eye;
But he knows what you’re all about!
Here’s to you Gordon Mason and Len ‘Pongo’ Rood,
Picasso or Banksy couldn’t have painted such a portrait,
It is to be noted we Hullites area a strange brood,
They can’t consign this treasure to a forgotten fate!
So for the sake of our heritage and the City of Culture
We’ve got Dead Bod, we don’t need a vulture!

A Better Future

Would Sir John be found in the Old White Harte?
Denying Charlie his divine right of entry,
Would Billy mind being golden rather than orange
As he charges down Lowgate looking for Kingston!
Would William see a difference from his lofty column?
Concerning the welfare of many a local folk!
Would we of Andrew’s words truly marvel
Or do they lie buried in a forgotten generation.
Would Malet Lambert again reform the education
Of Hull’s children, that they would have a better future.
Would Thomas know where East Park is or the gallery
That now portrays a different view of the city.

Would Alfred design a better environment
For us to grow up in to the one he knew.
Would Joseph still rank high in this City
Or is he a brief encounter we’ve lost sight of.
Would Amy see a different view from the skies
If she was to fly over this city of culture to be!